20/20: Our Story

Find Your Edge.


It's something George Savaricas has been searching for his entire life. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, George played any sport where he could keep score. While at the University of Missouri, his dream shifted to the sidelines as a sports broadcaster, giving George a front-row seat to some of sports biggest stages over the past 15-years. After years of crisscrossing the country, going from stadium to stadium, George grew tired of the unhealthy food options and disgusting drink options he'd see at every media center and sporting event. That's when he made a promise to himself, never to drink another carbonated sugar-filled sports drink and to maintain a diet focused on the healthiest possible food & beverages.


Over the course of his career, George has been given a behind the scenes look into the training methods of the best athletes in the world. Yet consistently, to George's surprise, he saw these same top-performing athletes consuming products filled with sugar, artificial flavors + sweeteners and mystery ingredients before & during practices and games. By filling their bodies with all this crap, didn't they know this was actually giving their opponents an edge before the game even started? 


Seeing the need for a healthy alternative, George became obsessed with creating a line of convenient, wellness shots pinpointing the needs of the modern athlete. From this, the idea for 20/20 was born and George got to work with a team of industry experts to create healthy fuel athletes can trust with REAL ingredients. 


At 20/20, our mission is simple – we want you to perform at your best in your everyday lives and when you compete. We know you can't afford to make a mistake when it comes to your body; that's why our line of wellness shots are: gluten-free, kosher certified, non-gmo, vegan, and designed to optimize athletic performance. These scientifically backed formulas are Sports Dietitian approved to help you Find Your Edge before the game's even started.