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Taking care of your Immune System is now more important than ever. We've carefully crafted our proprietary 20/20 Immunity Blend with functional ingredients like Ginseng, Green Tea, Vitamin C, and Aloe Vera to defend your body against everyday stressors. Take this shot daily to stay at the top of your game or when you feel like you need a little boost.

Megan Ware, RDN, LD

It checks all the right boxes combining Antioxidants (Vitamins C & E) plus 20/20 Immunity Blend (Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract) and as an added bonus, it tastes great! I love the ingredient profile and this type of daily functional shot is a great quick fix for those who want an extra boost to their immune system during flu season.

Maggy Doherty, RDN, LD

I've actually never advocated taking supplements or an energy drink or a high-performance drink or an immunity drink; this is the first time I've said, "Wow, this is something I can endorse!" This is something I want to attach my name to, because at the end of the day it comes back to the natural product.

Ernest Wiggins II, Owner Atlas Speed Training, USA Olympic Track

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